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August 2022 Update

Pacific Bay has completed the first phase of the option agreement to acquire up to a 100% interest in the Atlin Goldfields Project, located in Northwest British Columbia.

The Atlin Goldfields Option is the culmination of a lengthy search for a transformational asset to add to Pacific Bay’s portfolio. The significant exploration potential at Atlin provides Pacific Bay with the opportunity to build shareholder value and a notable resource upon which we can further enhance the prospects of the Company towards being a gold producer in the future.

Using unique target criteria, the team has developed a proprietary database to identify large and promising gold deposits that are potentially undervalued in the market.

We are focusing on three key priorities to accelerate growth:

  1. Complete the Acquisition of an Option Agreement on the Atlin Goldfields Property, for the option to purchase 100% interest in the property.
  2. Develop our exploration plan for Atlin Goldfields.
  3. Continue to develop our short and long-term sustainability goals by implementing a strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program.
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