Shares Outstanding: 16,900,711

Options: 1,400,000

Warrants: 2,462,800

Shares F/D: 20,763,511

Pacific Bay Minerals

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Why Invest In PBM

2020/2021 Update

Pacific Bay Minerals is taking bold steps to increase shareholder value.

We have assembled a dynamic leadership team comprised of experienced board members and energetic executives. The leadership team brings:

  • decades of experience running public companies;
  • a track record of uncovering prospective assets with production potential;
  • innovative solutions and a unique approach to identifying potentially undervalued assets that are catalysts for growth

Using unique target criteria, the team has developed a proprietary database to identify large and promising gold deposits that are potentially undervalued in the market.

We are focusing on four key priorities to accelerate growth:

  1. Complete financing via private placement and execute our planned drill program on the Wheaton Creek Gold property in 2021.
  2. Evaluate the potential to pragmatically acquire assets that meet our portfolio requirements.
  3. Increase engagement with stakeholders through our open communications initiative including the development of a new website.
  4. Continue to develop our short and long-term sustainability goals by implementing a strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program.